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Self Employed Loans: Financial Assistance For Self Employed

Self employed people generally face difficulties in fulfilling their various financial requirements as they don’t posses a regular income source. But now you can easily finance your needs such as consolidate your debts, finance education, buy car or renovate your home. You can easily fulfill your financial requirements.

The significant feature of these loans is flexible repayment option. Self employed people don’t have a stable income source and therefore are offered various benefits such as under payment, over payment and payment leave. They are not even charged with any penalty or extra fee considering their financial standing. Underpayment refers to paying less than the due amount for a month. Similarly you may over pay as per your financial conditions and payment leave allows you to skip monthly payments after making few initial regular payments. Self employed loans are provided at relatively higher rate of interest.

To entail self employed loans you must show some proof of your being self employed. Creditors check income in two ways:-

  • Self certification – you must give your income details yourself and no other proof of the income is required. Sometimes you have to show your audited accounts and credit score as well.
  • Audited accounts - these accounts generally include your income details which are verified by the creditors.

Self employed loans can be entailed in two forms secured and unsecured. Secured self employed loans can be grabbed by pledging any of your valuable assets. You can pledge your property, car and valuable documents as security. Whereas, in case of unsecured self employed loans you need not pledge any of your valuable assets as security. You can borrow anything suiting your requirements and financial standing. Loan amount depends on your annual income or profits you make, financial standing and credit scores.

Self employed people with low credit scores can also easily entail these funds.
Those having poor credit such as CCJs, IVA, late payments, arrears, defaults and bankruptcy can easily qualify for these loans.

You can easily apply online by filling up a simple online form. Also you can search around for lucrative deals with lower rates of interest that suit your financial standing.


Self employed loans can be easily entailed by self employed people. Now they can easily meet their financial requirements without any restriction.