Bridging Loans

Sometimes you buy a new home before you sell the previous one. This creates a scarcity of cash which may be fulfilled with bridging loans. Apply through Loansx for these loans when you need cash fast to tackle financial needs that arise due to cash shortage.

Bridging loans may have multiple innovative uses for a borrower. However, general uses are purchase of a property in hurry like in an auction, to raise capital pending the sale of the security property, temporary funding for the purchase of defective property. Applying through us you may get a sufficient loan amount for any of the purposes slated above.

These loans are short term in nature and sanctioned for tenure of 12 months. The amount that might be borrowed may vary depending on your repayment ability and financial status. Applying through us you may procure the amount within the quickest time of submitting loan application. After verifying the details provided by you, our associated brokers may contact you with loan deals that carry nominal interest rates. Probably, 70% of the assets value might be obtained as bridging loans but applying through us you may procure as much amount as required by you in case you have second property with considerable equity.

Bridging loans are secured loans, hence you need to pledge some security. In case of default repayments your property might be at stake. However, UK citizens with less than perfect credit score are also eligible for these loans.